A Full Heart

Thanksgiving Day, and I am full of praise to the One who has held me through this year. A year ago, I was facing an impending layoff in December with no job to fall into. We're a single income of 5, with 3 young children. Without a job, we lost our house before I finally found work as a testing contracting.

We actually now have a nicer home and a better job than the ones that were lost, and I have found meaning in my life in my writing. In December, I will be starting a full time job to replace my contracting one (the 4th job in a year and a week), and two of my short stories will be published in the Ménage-à-20 anthology, put together by Goodreads authors.

I thank the Lord for all that he has given me, for my family, a roof over my head, and food on the table. May we all have a blessed holiday.

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  1. Good grief Rita!

    I'm so sorry you had to go through all that rubbish, but I'm extremely glad to see that everything has turned out alright.

    Keep on writing!

    PS - in the unlikely event you find yourself in Ottawa, Canada, do pop by for some tea and biscuits!


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