10 things I don't want for xmas

1. Smelly Candles that TJ won't let me even burn

2. Stinky Lotions that make me sneeze

3. Silly Knickknacks that I have no use for

4. a Hippopotamus because I'd have no place to put it

5. my Two Front Teeth because I already have them

6. Christmas Cookies that I can't eat because they are made with wheat

7. another Warm Coat as somebody gets me one almost every year. There's only so many coats a girl can wear at one time. Though I could always use gloves. I've always wanted some of those colorful ones.

8. a Brand New Car because I think those get-him-or-her-a-Lexus-for-Christmas commercials are silly. What will you do next year when you are still paying for this year?

9. CD of Christmas classics because I can't stand Xmas music

10. a Sweater because no one seems to know my colors like I do. If I say I like green, they get neon.

So what do I want? A cup of hot cocoa, warm fuzzy slippers, and the chance to curl up in front of a warm fire, cuddled up to TJ. I'm a simple girl who loves simple pleasures.

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