Where in the World is CJ?

In the news article Police Caught Cultist Responsible for Idaho Terrorist Act, an anonymous message was left indicating that CJ may yet be alive.

Anonymous Said...
How dare you? You though a bunch of puny SWAT jokers could get rid of me?

My döppelganger fooled you all with his capsule-in-a-ring routine--rest in peace.

The itches will start soon from the mites and bedbugs infestation I've sent your way... about now. And this is only the beginning.

My revenge will be terrible.


If anyone has spotted or knows the whereabouts of this villain, please leave a comment. The Webb Times reporters are currently trying to track down this criminal.


  1. Chase, capture, and kill!

    These were the first thoughts he became aware of as he was awake. An unstoppable desire to find and destroy. Rather than fight it, the waking man raised himself up from his supine position and looked at his surroundings.

    He was in a medical facility, surely, as the room was sterile white. There were six others here, also rousing, who....

    ... it could not be! They all looked like him! What madness was this?

    Clearly, the other shocked faces, his own face contorted into horror looking back at his own, reflected the same recognition. For several strained moments each face struggled to make sense of the scene.

    In the end it was his own voice that broke the silence. "So. We're clones. Does it really matter? Am I the only one who has the intense desire to kill CJ?"

    Another answered, "You too?"

    And then there was a rising chorus of "Kill CJ!" as all seven of them stood, fastened their loose gowns around them tighter, and took to the hallway to make their escape.

    He thought to himself, "Somehow, CJ, you are responsible for this. I and my 'brothers' will make you pay. You will be dead soon. I will be the hand that brings you death."

  2. So let me get this straight:

    You stole the doppelganger and cloned it, and now there are 7 CJ-look-alikes out to kill the original.

    This is becoming one convoluted plot. How am I supposed to do an effective CJ search with 8 of them running around?

  3. You could politely ask, "Is this the CJ I'm looking for?"

  4. Besides, who said I did this!? I admit to nothing.

  5. Me thinks thou doth protest too much.

  6. Peering in the window of a donut shop in Washington, DC, I saw CJ standing at the counter. He seemed totally engrossed in making his selection, a long line of customers behind him. Finally he chose--just two plain donuts and a cup of coffee.

    That's all, after how much time it took him to choose? The man at the counter seemed a bit miffed.

    I hid around the corner as CJ stepped onto the street, and then I followed him down the street. Even though he kept casting furtive glances behind him, he never spotted me.

    A mile down the road, he stopped at a corner alley, looked about, and then ducked inside. Not sure what to make of that, I waited and then followed him in.

    The alley was a dead end. No where to go but back to the street, and I was sure he--or anyone for that matter--hadn't come back out.

    I searched the dumpster that smelled of rotten food and the wooden crates and cardboard boxes which housed homeless men. Nothing.

    Not even a clue.

    Then I found the manhole cover that was left slightly opened. CJ had disappeared into the deepest, darkest dungeon of our nation's capital.

    There would be no finding him now.

  7. Of course,we know all of this...thank you all for clearing up our suspicions. having 6 out of the 7 doppelgangers in custody, it's only a matter of time. We're closing in, closer and closer. The net constricting all around you. Cj, you might as well come out from your shadows. As it is, your assets are being frozen and confiscated. How much longer can you hold out? How much longer can your minions, such as Rico, survive without you?

    The sewers are not the deepest and darkest dungeons in the capital; that would be The Secretary of State's office. The sewers are easy to surveil. Cj, it's just a matter of time.


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