A Night of Music

Last night, my husband waited for me in the parking lot of my work place, ready to whisk me away for a night on the town. I knew this would happen, but where we were going, I had no clue. After dinner at a steakhouse--mmm, rack of lamb--we went to downtown Cincinnati to an orchestral performance of Star Wars.

There is something about live music, kerfluffing me all the way down to my toes, as though it envelops me in a soft warm blanket, soothing, warming, satisfying, spreading through me like a fine wine.

The music wakened something inside me, the internal core of who I am which I had lost in the hours focused on my writing. A person can only take so many hours of work a week. Today was a day for living--a walk in the park, a bubble bath, cuddles with kids, time for games with friends. What a beautiful day!


  1. The odds are 3720 to 1 against you figuring out where you were going for your birhtday.

  2. That sounds absolutely lovely! What a wonderful night.

    Live music does create something special, does it not? I went to a live performance of the music from the Lord of the Rings at the N.A.C. (National Arts Centre in Ottawa) a few years ago. Howard Shore made a special appearance. It was simply lovely!

    You deserved every wonderful moment of psyche-altering music!

    Happy belated Birthday!

  3. Sonia, thank you for the birthday wishes! A live performance of LotR sounds spectacular. I wish I could have been there.

  4. Oh, wow. LOTR. Now all I have in my head is 5/4 time, and trombones bleating out this ominous Ba-Ba-BAAAAAAAH, BUM BUM BUM! theme. Thanks! (I love that piece, btw.)


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