Rico Suave

Messages left after Renee's interview indicated that CJ's acolyte Rico Suave had taken over the cult:

Information has come to light indicating that he was training an acolyte to assume his mantle after his demise.

We have npo [sic] conclusive proof of the inheritor's identity yet, but know that he sometimes answers to the name of Rico Suave

--Anonymous Poster

After much research, Webb Times reporters found an email address for Rico Suave and sent the new cult leader some questions.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Rita: What was it like as an acolyte under CJ?

Rico Suave: Unnerving, exhilarating, impelling and I would dare to say, alluring.

Rita: How did you get involved in this cult group?

Rico Suave: I do not know. I know only that once I was a man, with a mind of my own. I had a job, and a cozy apartment I called home. Day after day I toiled in one of the towers at the heart of my city, making the numbers balance for one of those pointless endeavors men called "business".

One day I dreamed of being a writer. It was then that CJ came. From where I do not know, although a vague memory tells me of a time when I heard of a "Perfect Circle" and "The Prisoner" destined to be free.

"This is good," I thought. And it was indeed good.

Then the world changed, and it got quiet, and CJ sent us out. We walked and we laughed and we thought our actions were our own, but they were not. We would gather in places without knowing how it was that we knew where to go; my days became haunted by images of events, terrible events involving fire, and animals, and other...things. They were like dreams, only that deep in the crevices of my mind I knew they were not. I would look at people I didn't know, but know nonetheless. We would share a knowing glance, for we knew what the other thought.

CJ. He has come. It was he that lead us on, an army numbering in the millions, guarding his harems, doing his bidding. All of us mindless, voiceless, a whole whose soul was CJ.

Wait what was the question?

Rita: As the new cult leader, what can the public expect?

Rico Suave: Mwahahahahaha!

Rita: What kind of donuts do you like?

Rico Suave: Boston Cream!!! Anything with coconut comes a close second.

Rita: If you could be a fruit, what would it be and why?

Rico Suave: Banana.


Rita: Well, there you have it folks. The Banana known as Rico Suave is ready to take over the world.

Disclaimer: This is a fictional story and in no way represents real events.

Written in honor of the members of the On Fiction Writing group. Thank you to Renee, Carlos, Wendy, Paul, Joe, and Henry for their cooperation.

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  1. Creepy, very creepy this CJ. I think Rico's answers say it all.

  2. I never read anything more disturbing in my life.

  3. It's this line that most disturbs me: "I know only that once I was a man, with a mind of my own."

    To think that someone could step into your life without your knowledge and so totally take over your mind.

    Maybe the tin foil hats aren't meant to protect us from Renee.

  4. What Rico Suave doesn't realize is that his dreams were put there on purpose. Dreams are an illusionary reality. His reality may not be our reality. He was once a club goer, dancing his way across the city. We never took notice until he was contacted by CJ. Knowing CJ's plot, we followed Rico. Rico never knew we were onto him. Until CJ gave him information vital to our case against him. Now Rico ducks under cover of the night to lose our tails. But we do know where he ends up. i could tell you, but I'd have to kill you. Sorry, it's a Fed inside joke. Until then, Rico should watch his banana and his Boston Creme donut. More to come later as the case unfolds. I can neither confirm or deny the existence of the foil hats.


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